Get started with QuickBooks – Frequently Asked Questions

Quickbook being one of the best accounting software available in the market has a different page for all the facts and question that the members and clients face while working on it. We will be sharing some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. What is Quickbooks online and how does it help?

Quickbooks Online is a simple cloud-based financial management software that has been wholly designed to reduce the time that you spend while managing your Business Finance by helping you with different tasks involved such as:

  • Creating and calculating estimates and invoice
  • Tracking sales and cash inflow.
  • Managing customers and suppliers.
  • Monitoring your tax returns
  • Understanding the company’s performance in the market.
  • Proper planning for the future and budgeting.

The best part of Quickbooks being a true cloud solution is that you won’t need to install any software and you can access QuickBooks directly from your internet browser on your computer or your mobile phone.

2. What system requirements are needed for QuickBooks online?

Windows PC: A 1 GHz computer with a minimum 256 MB RAM running on Windows XP or later.

Apple Mac: Intel-based Mac operating system OS X 10.5 or later.

The latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari for MacBook.

A high-speed internet connection.

3.Which QuickBooks online plan is recommended for me and what is the monthly subscription cost?

To be precise, there are three simple plans that a user might choose from to suit there business needs and these plans are available at affordable monthly subscriptions. It is highly recommended that you choose the plan with the features that meet your business needs right now and later you can upgrade to a higher plan as your business expands. You can also call all the helpline desk for better assistance.

4.Will QuickBooks online work on my Apple Mac?

Definitely! Quickbooks online is a complete cloud solution that can be used and accessed from or on any compatible web browser or any computer and also mobile devices.

5. Can QuickBooks online be accessed on mobile phone or tablet?

Quickbooks Online can be easily accessed from any web-enabled device with a suitable web browser. You can also enjoy the experience with the Quickbooks online app that can be accessed on any iOS device or Android tablet or smartphone.

6. Can QuickBooks be accessed offline?

Sorry, but you will need an Internet connection to access Quickbooks online.

7. Am I entitled to a software update or upgrades and how will i upgrade?

One of the many benefits of cloud-based software is that you will always be running on the latest version. Updates will happen automatically and it won’t affect your data in the slightest. If there is a software upgrade, you will get a notification on your dashboard when you log in.

8. Is there any trial period and how do I sign up?

All the new users will get at 30 days free trial period simply by entering your name, email address and password.

9. How do I subscribe if I decide that QuickBooks online is the right software for me?

Once your trial period is over, you will automatically be redirected to a payment page where you can subscribe.

10. What information is required for signing up?

Getting started is easy. You will need to fill up a few basic information about your business and QuickBooks online will gather the rest of the data.

11. What are the payment methods that are accepted?

You can pay via all major credit and debit cards.

12. Can I pay the subscription annually?

Quickbooks online-only charges monthly subscriptions.

13. Does QuickBooks online provide onsite setup assistance?

No online support is directly available but you can always contact the support team who will help you get along.

14. Can I have more than one company file?

When you sign up for the first time, an online user account is automatically created. You just have to select the Intuit user ID after choosing your desired plan.

15. Are multiple users allowed access QuickBooks online company file at the same time?

It depends on the plan which you are using. You can also invite your company accountant to access your company file.

16. Am I allowed to import and export data?

You are allowed to import and export data on the following lists from MS Excel or CSV file:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Chart of accountants
  • The products and services
17. Is technical support included in the package?

Quickbooks online has a wide range of support options that include:

In software help

Extensive knowledge-base

A community forum where you can connect to the other users.

Email one of the support specialists who will get back to you within hours.

Live chat with customer care.

18. How secure is my data and what happens if I cancel the subscription?

Intuit takes security very seriously and makes sure that all your data is safe and is available to you.

If you decide to cancel during the trial period, all your data will be erased immediately. If you are a premium customer, after you cancel the subscription, you will be allowed read-only access to all the data for 365 days after which they will be deleted.

19. Am I allowed to download a copy of my data?

Quickbooks allows the user to export the following list in the form of MS Excel:

Chart of accountants

Customer and suppliers

All the products and services

The employee data.

20. How can I reset my password and recover my intuit user ID?

Click on

Click on can’t access your account

Select I forgot my user id and enter the email address that you have used while signing up.

An email containing your user ID would be sent immediately.

21. Can I switch between plans that are upgrade and downgrade?

You can always upgrade to a better plan. Once you are upgrading to a better plan, all your data would be upgraded and all the latest features would be available on your plan. However, once you have a higher plan, you are not allowed to downgrade or lower your plan. So you are advised to choose a lower plan at the beginning if you are not sure about your needs.

22. How am I supposed to cancel Quickbooks online if i decide that it is not the right one for me?

You can easily unsubscribe or cancel your subscription with the software with a few clicks of the mouse.

23. Is there any minimum subscription period?

There are no locks in the contract. You pay for a month and you can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of the month, the company will automatically refund the Pro-rata refund so to cover the rest of the month that you have already paid for.

24. Am I entitled to a special discount for signing up for more than one company files?

No, QuickBooks presently does not offer any kinds of discounts.

25. What are some of the common reports available in the quick book online?

Some of the commonly used reports are profit and loss, balance sheet, general ledger, trial balance, transaction list and statement of cash flows

26. Am I allowed to upload more than one company logo?

No, you are only allowed to upload one company logo for one company file.

27. What happens if I lose the money while the online payment?

If you lose the money while online payment and the payment is not complete, the company promises to refund the amount back by 48 hours.

28. What happens if suddenly I lose the data?

You will never lose data as we use cloud services for storage.

29. How long is the premium license valid?

The Quickbooks premium license is valid for 3 years after which Intuit will drop your account.

30. Will QuickBooks desktop be taken off?

Quickbooks desktop has been taken off from service on the 31st of March 2019.

24*7 for QuickBooks Technical Support Number

We are happy to help you

24*7 for QuickBooks Technical Support Number

We are happy to help you