The QuickBooks software is developed to help small and medium-sized enterprises enter their daily financial transactions consisting of sales, revenue, profit, etc. The app also allows its users to connect their accounts directly to the linked bank and see their current balance with ease. The primary functions of QuickBooks include online payroll, printing QuickBooks check and tax software and service options for small business. With all these options and strategies, users have to face specific problems while using it from time to time. But do not worry; QuickBooks has built a group of qualified and highly experienced technical experts to manage all these difficulties. You can reach them with the QuickBooks customer service phone number.

What does customer service solve for you?

The customer service is always ready to help you in any problematic situation. You do not have to worry about contacting them and not getting a result. But we have listed the main issues that the customers have issued throughout their existence-

  • If someone isn’t pleased with the QuickBooks products or if they don’t need them anymore, they can choose to cancel their subscription. The customer services team can assist the user in doing so.
  • Occasionally, the consumers demand a refund after they decide to discontinue the QuickBooks facilities. For the same issue, they can contact the QuickBooks customer service. After cancellation, customers do not receive any refund for the remaining days of the month. Alternatively, until the end of that month, they are entitled to use the facilities.
  • The potential presence of virus, malware or spyware is detected and disabled by the team of experts following a request for the same.
  • The team also looks after the errors caused during printing.
  • If a customer faces any difficulty while accessing his account online, then he can contact the customer service for assistance. There may be different reasons for this question. The technical team will be able to access the situation, identify potential causes and help to eliminate them.
  • Customers may face problems while making online transactions to the banks or their clients. The QuickBooks customer service phone number will be handy in this situation also.

Common problems that the customer service of QuickBooks solves

In the last section, we have mentioned the issues that QuickBooks customer service has helped in solving throughout their existence. But there are some problems which they face more frequently than any other questions. Before mentioning the QuickBooks customer service phone number, we would like to say these are commonly occurring glitches that the service team is adept in solving.

  • File transfers via the QuickBooks platform can result in several failures. To get out of the situation, you can use the customer service phone number of QuickBooks.
  • Sometimes the client can forget his credentials to sign in to the QuickBooks account, i.e. his username or pin code. The support team for QuickBooks is joining the scene at this time.
  • Some issues may arise when the user attempts to configure QuickBooks emails. Users have the option to send their customers invoices or receipts directly via the QuickBooks address. They don’t have to print it or make a pdf file for it.
  • Many customers face failure during their software setup.

What is the QuickBooks customer service phone number?

In partnership with Getting Human network, QuickBooks offers customer support. There’s a generic customer service number for QuickBooks that you can use. The toll-free number is 1-833-468-8482. The customer reviews show that the response of the phone number is very satisfying. You will have to wait only 4 minutes on average to get a response through this phone number, according to the Getting Human website. The support team will be available from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. But the official website reveals that the optimum time to call the customer services is around 9 a.m. for any working day. If you don’t feel like waiting during the phone call, then you can also reach the QuickBooks customer service team via text. The timing of the text service is the same as that of its call alternative. If you’ve just started using QuickBooks in your Desktop, you may feel the need for support from the customer service team. In that case, dial the number to reach the expert team 1-833-468-8482.


The customer support team from QuickBooks is trying to implement a dynamic path to solve customer issues as quickly as possible. Besides using the QuickBooks customer service phone number for troubleshooting issues, users can also use it to learn more about the platform and its updates. You can also ask their help to migrate the information to a new account from an existing QuickBooks account.


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24*7 for QuickBooks Technical Support Number

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24*7 for QuickBooks Technical Support Number

We are happy to help you