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The user does not have to pay for any hidden charges, prepayment penalties or origination fees; if he is getting his business funded with QuickBooks capital.

QuickBooks gives credit to the users by understanding the user’s company and recognizing the knack of the business. It does not even need much time to apply for credit in QuickBooks.

For any queries regarding “QuickBooks Capital”, the user can read the information given below.

About QuickBooks capital

QuickBooks capital’s main purpose is to give capital/credit to small business clients. From the details given by the user to QuickBooks, QuickBooks would evaluate the user’s business credit and the health of the user’s business.

Thus, it helps small businesses gaining capital for the smooth running of their business rather than asking credit from other financial institutions or lenders.

How does work Quickbooks capital?

All banking and business transactions are reviewed by QuickBooks. When a user applies for credit, QuickBooks analyze both businesses as well as personal credit reports of the user. QuickBooks gives credit to its users based on all this information.

Need/ importance of regulating business funds

QuickBooks reviews factors like current liabilities, personal and business credit history, business, and bank transactions and also the user’s history with QuickBooks. After reviewing these factors, they deduce the user’s eligibility for credit.

They usually consider FICO of 620 or higher, along with the previous year’s total revenue of at least 50,000 USD. During the past 2 years, the clients must not have faced any cases of bankruptcy, whether it is personal or business.

Since each company is unique in its own way, it cannot guarantee all the applicants have met the criteria whether or not they are eligible for the business credit.

Each of the applicants’ plea is treated discreetly and based on their guidelines, they come to a settlement.

Eligibility criteria for applying 

you can apply for the service by giving a call at the QuickBooks online tech support number. Every applicants’ must have the following eligibility criteria to apply for the QuickBooks capital:

  • A detailed report of the past 6 months of business activity on the QuickBooks accounts
  • A past record of personal and business credit with a 620 or higher FICO score.
  • All the primary bank account should be connected via QuickBooks capital
  • Over the past 12 months, the user must have a total revenue of at least 50000 USD.


QuickBooks capital credit does not seek collateral from the user. They give their credit based on the overall health of the business and the pledge of the user. That means that the user is liable to repay even after his business faces downfall.

As per the “QuickBooks Capital 2018 Customer Survey”, 98% of the clients accepted that QuickBooks capital has revealed the total value of funding in advance. Approximately, 96% of the clients have said that when it comes to dealing with their monetary data, they trust QuickBooks.

About 99% of the clients verify that it is easier to apply for credit as QuickBooks already has all their information.

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