QuickBooks Mac Tech Support

QuickBooks Mac Tech Support


QuickBooks was developed by Intuit Inc. It is a software package for accounting purpose by business organizations which are medium or small-sized. It uses the Microsoft Windows macOS. Cloud service of the same known as QuickBooks Online is also offered by Intuit.Inc. QuickBooks have on-premise applications for accounting along with cloud-based versions. This is for accepting payments, pay bills, etc, during the businesses. Initially Intuit.Inc developed Quicken, which is a single entry accounting software package, to be used by financial management companies. After its success in the field, the company decided to launch smaller, almost similar packages of Quicken which lead to the development of double-entry accounting software package, QuickBooks. This has had a stable release in 2019 itself.

Features of QuickBooks:-

Bookkeeping– The basic function of Quickbooks is that of bookkeeping( an account). The small business firms or organisations will enter their day to day financial transactions like expenses, sales, income, profits, etc in a detailed manner. The software also allows you to connect it to online banking systems which will help the business firms to see their actual balances and their changes quite orderly.

Managing Sales and Income- QuickBooks Account helps you to manage sales and income by letting you create invoice to track down the number of sales by the customers. You can review it by using the Accounts Receivable Aging Report which includes details of current and past dues.

Reporting and Graphing- QuickBooks Account will automatically generate the reports and graphs once you enter the data required and given. These reports include balance sheets, cash flow statements, profit and loss statements, etc.

Means of Communication- QuickBooks help the firms communicate better with their clients by helping them to send entries from journals directly without having to print them separately or convert them into PDFs. These files are sent as email attachments and QuickBooks arrange the names of clients in alphabetical order to make it easier to find during moments of a hurry. It helps to locate errors for the company and gives the scope to check them before sending the attachments.

Functions of QuickBooks:-

  1. Online Payroll
  2. QuickBooks Check Printing
  3. QuickBooks Payroll
  4. Security and Safety
  5. Small Business Tax Software and Service Options
QuickBooks Mac Tech Support

Toll-free Number to get instant help for any purpose regarding QuickBooks is – 1-877-227-2303. This help includes installation of QuickBooks on your device, issues with signing up, how to start using it, how to link it with the company, banks, customers, etc.