How to Resolve the QuickBooks error 3371

How to Resolve the QuickBooks error 3371

A How to Resolve the QuickBooks error 3371 and Improve the Performance Level.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks error 3371? especially caused in the QuickBooks system only when it could not load license data. Intuit QuickBooks has been one of the most pioneers in the modern Accounting solution used by many numbers of businesses across the world.

Intuit QuickBooks has especially spread like wildfire as it is a much easier option for managing the accounting as well as related financial processes. With the use of this high-end Intuit QuickBooks software, it is a much more superior solution for easily saving more time and money with data management. Some of the most common factors that most of the business choose this software are the

  • Accuracy
  • Security
  • Credibility

Intuit QuickBooks is considered as a favorite for most of the business leaders with gaining more advantage from the above features. With so many benefits of using this software, it is much more preferred for resolving various problems in the financial data storage and many other aspects without any hassle.

However, every technology also needs to get rid of the loopholes. Intuit’s QuickBooks also has some of the technical issues that need to be resolved. Many numbers of people have been facing a common issue called QuickBooks Error 3371. Of course, it is one of the most challenging for getting rid of this error code. it helps for extensively resolving the issue.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 3371:

One of the main causes for this error to occur in the QuickBooks is that the file could be damaged or missing. QuickBooks Error 3371 especially occurs only when the user runs software that is not available after reconfiguration of systems. One of the common aspects is that QuickBooks is quite prone to the QuickBooks Error 3371. Whenever any kind of error message occurs stating the 3371, then it is important to act quickly for resolving this issue. With installing the QuickBooks software, the information about the license will be stored on the hard drive.

When the information about this license has been corrupted or damaged, then the user would encounter this message pop-out called QuickBooks error 3371. QuickBooks especially utilizes the system signature for checking license information along with configurations of hardware. When cloning the device, then the information will reconfigure the system so that everything will be collapsed.  Below are some of the reasons that this QuickBooks error 3371 occur.

  • File for running the QuickBooks gets damaged or missing
  • QBregistration.dat: A QuickBooks Desktop installation file that contains the license information. When this QBregistration.dat file is damaged, then it would show the error message.
  • MSXML component: QuickBooks especially requires Microsoft components for running the whole program. Qbregistration.dat file requires the MSXML component for helping to the component.
  • Outdated or expiry anti-virus programs
  • Could not save file first so you may experience
  • Could not initialize license properties
  • QuickBooks could not load license data
  • Error 3371, Status Code -11118: QuickBooks could not load the license data
  • Error: 3371, Status Code -1: Could not initialize license properties

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 3371?

QuickBooks Error 3371 is the software error code faced by many numbers of users who are using the QuickBooks. When the error code pops-out; it would be difficult for the user to know to process the whole software with the high-performance level. One of the main reasons for displaying this error code is that QuickBooks could not load license data. Below are the procedure you could follow for resolving this issue

Fixing QuickBooks Error 3371 For Windows XP:

  • Press the window + R button for Run command
  • Enter Command Prompt
  • Type path of QuickBooks File
  • Find Entitlement file on Documents
  • Choose the Program folder
  • Go to Settings option
  • Fix the property of All Users Application DataIntuitEntitlement
  • Select OK
  • Delete or rename Entitlement file
  • Go back to the desktop
  • Re-start QuickBooks

Fix QuickBooks Error 3371 For Windows 7:

  • Copy and paste “C: ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv*
  • Rename Entitlement file
  • Note: QuickBooks will create the new file when the application is started so the program data will be hidden
  • Click on Computer
  • Click Organize
  • Select Folder and Search Options
  • Click Vi
  • Select Hidden files and folders
  • Go back to the desktop
  • Re-start QuickBooks and the issue should be resolved

Following the above procedure for the QuickBooks Error would be a sufficient option, and it helps for easily save more time. The separate procedure for each of the file is available so that these are suitable for both the Windows 7 and Windows XP Operating system. In fact, you could also run the QuickBooks Component Check tool to carry out the diagnosis for the problem easily. With easily following the simple technique, it is easier to rectify the problem from your software, and it would improve the performance of the software in a much more unique way without any hassle. 

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