Fix QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0) in Simple 5 Steps

Most businesses find it easier to resolve financial problems with the use of QuickBooks in the modern-day. QuickBooks saves your time on accounting with easily enabling the highest strategy. With the significant accounting package that has been introduced for managing finance. In the first place, it becomes quite an amazing choice for the modern business. Moreover, QuickBooks also has some errors and bugs while operating. You may also encounter an error in QuickBooks while operating it. These are displayed as the error codes so that the user understands the type of error.

What is QuickBooks error code (-12 0)?

QuickBooks error code (-12 0) would be displayed on the QuickBooks system when it does not have administrator permission. Similarly, for operating in the Windows require permission. Normally, the user would be receiving this error message “We’re sorry, QuickBooks encountered a problem… Error codes: (-12, 0)”. In addition, For performing a certain operation in the QuickBooks, it is important to have the Administrative permission. Likewise, the system settings have been configured wrongly or having any irregularities in the registry in Windows. Moreover, it isn’t very easy to perform certain tasks. The user requires having administrative permission for conducting certain operations.

Moreover, there could be some errors faced by QuickBooks users while operating it. In addition, these could create a delay in the work in progress. When the user does not have the required Administrative permission, then QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0) will be displayed. In addition, the user could experience this error due to the irregularity on the registry in the windows. QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0) appears mostly in the Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. QuickBooks would shut down when the error occurs and displays Sorry for the inconvenience. The number of people is using this process to fix the problem.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0):

Below are the possible reasons for the QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0)

  • QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0) appears due to the cluttered Windows registry
  • Entries present in the non-existent programs
  • Setting Wrong User Input
  • Incorrect Software Uninstallation
  • Missing files
  • Files that have been accidentally eliminated from the registry
  • System Malfunction

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0)

  • In addition, When there is a crash in the active program window
  • Windows got shut for avoiding the harm to the system. Normally, this kind of error happened since all the accounts accompany the file
  • PC crashes with Error Code (-12 0) while running the program
  • QuickBooks faces the problem and requires immediate shutdown
  • Windows respond very slowly to mouse
  • QuickBooks freezes for every second

When you see this kind of symptoms on your device, then these could be the causes of the QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0)

How to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code (-12 0)?

Troubleshooting Step 1:

When you see the error, then it is important to compile the set of commands for solving the issue. Save your time to fix your issues with a simple process. Below are some of the simple steps that help to resolve this error

  • Click start button
  • Type “restore “
  • And then click enter
  • Then click result sections
  • Click on system restore
  • Fill administrative password
  • Select the restore point
  • Restore system
  • Restart QuickBooks application

Troubleshooting Step 2:

  • Click on the start button
  • In the search box
  • Type in ‘Command’
  • Press and hold ctrl + shift key
  • Access permission box
  • Click “yes.”
  • A block box will appear
  • Enter SFC/scannow
  • Click Hit button
  • Commence the scanning error code (-12 0) (System file checker)
  • Proceed all mentioned instruction

Troubleshooting Step 3:

  • Click the start button
  • Text updates word on the search box
  • Click on the search button
  • Windows update dialogue box appears
  • Click on the install button

Troubleshooting Step 4:

  • Verify your QuickBooks versions
  • Reach on services.msc
  • 0 needs to be stopped running or not
  • Move on Run
  • Choose services.msc
  • Move on submenu command QBdataserviceuser 23
  • Right-click on QBdatauserservice23
  • Property and initiate service will be displayed
  • Open file again
  • Open you file

Troubleshooting Step 5:

  • Right-click on the client data tab
  • Click properties
  • Enter into security tabs
  • Check whether you can access file or not
  • Provide information to access the software
  • Open file and folder

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