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The business-chain of a particular product involves producers, transporters, wholesale sellers, retailers, and some other service providers to be fully functional. Each of these elements needs proper record keeping, bill generation, transaction, or communication with their clients. Conventionally, there are different platforms or means to take care of each aspect. But QuickBooks is one such accounting software package which has brought all these tasks in one platform and that too in the digital format. It does not matter which industry are you from or the region of your operations, the QuickBooks software is designed for all.

Whether you want to calculate GST / HST/ PST, generate monthly bills, pay monthly bills, keep a record of the inventory or talk to your clients, you can do that through the QuickBooks platform without any hustle. In this article, we will discuss these unique features of the QuickBooks software. In addition to that, the features of the QuickBooks support services will also be presented. But let’s know about the software first.

About QuickBooks


In 1983, two American businessmen, Tom Proulx and Scott Cook, founded the company called Intuit in Mountain View, California. The same company later designed and marketed the QuickBooks application software kit to its potential customers. The software of QuickBooks is known for its catalog creation and accounting services.

The software does so by introducing different slabs, namely accounts payable, accounts receivable, the balance of trials, Payroll, etc. While some of the software’s features come as services on-premise, some are cloud-based. The cloud-based applications are primarily associated with the customers’s part of the transaction, such as accounting processes, handling and paying bills, etc. The software allows the user to connect a bank account to the QuickBooks account directly. So, when they generate at the end of each month, it is incredibly convenient to pay the bills.

Primary features of QuickBooks:

Bill recording:

The simples feature of the QuickBooks lets the users keep a proper record of the bills from the clients. The software also assists in paying them back whenever necessary. This simple tool has made bill recording such an easy task as opposed to offline modes.

In offline mode, the user has to give a large chunk of the working time for the bill generation. The software features a recurring payment for each month of the year. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about forgetting the bill payment dates ever again. The recurring payment feature will timely inform you about the same.

Track an employee:

Are you having some issues with the working hours of your employees? Or, are you worried about their efficiency at work? In either case, the QuickBooks software will come to your aid as it allows keeping track of the working hours of the employees. Now you will know which individual is giving how much time for the task in hand. You can also add this data to the invoice pretty easily.

Due to this, the task of invoice generation becomes very simple. You can also share these data with your accountant to give them a polished and well-defined look. It is made possible by the multi-user feature of the platform. Also, as the owner of the account, you can access this data from your digital devices such as the mobile or the tablets. You won’t have to open the logbook over and over again to see the simple information.

Track your spending:

You can put all the information on your business of each month in the QuickBooks account. The software allows inputting the expenditure of the month according to their types. There are different categories, such as food, laundry, entertainment, travel, electricity, etc. which you can use to record your expenses. It allows the software to display the weekly, monthly, or yearly payments from your side.

The feature is beneficial, especially when you want to search for a particular type of expense. The search can be done according to the date, amount, or the payee’s details. Also, once you have created a category to enter your expense, the software remembers it. So, when you input a similar kind of cost later, the software automatically assigns that to the targeted category.

Future prediction:

QuickBooks keeps track of your expenses and also the bills that need to be paid at the end of the month. It lets the software to calculate the exact amount of money that will be left in the account after the month. The software also takes the incoming cash in to account from the recent data that you provide.

About the QuickBooks support


In the previous section, you have got a glimpse of the features that the QuickBooks software hosts. But that is the right part of it. As you might expect, the customers need the help of QuickBooks executives from time to time regarding the software. It does not need to be a technical glitch all the time.

On many occasions, the customers expect customer service to help them in using the software to its full potential. They mainly arise due to the variation in the software according to the industries or the platforms through which the facilities of QuickBooks are availed. There are different types of support that QuickBooks offer, namely:-

  1. QuickBooks Pro support
  2. QuickBooks Premier support
  3. QuickBooks Mac Tech support
  4. QuickBooks Point of Sale support
  5. QuickBooks Desktop support
  6. QuickBooks Payroll support
  7. QuickBooks customer service, which is a generalized service, unlike the above six services.

We will discuss all these seven support services and go on to know about the unique features of the support service.

Features of QuickBooks support systems :-


QuickBooks Pro Support:

One of the main features of the QuickBooks Pro support service is the bank account reconciliation. Meaning, the user can link their bank account directly to their QuickBooks account. This feature makes the automatic deposit and payment of bills just a matter of a few clicks. As a user, you can also manage the Payroll of all of your employees. The same feature allows the user to link and sync the accounts of other transaction platforms like American Express or PayPal to the QuickBooks account. That helps in the record-keeping of the monthly
expenses of your business. The features of QuickBooks Pro support can be availed as on-premise or as cloud-based services.

QuickBooks Premier Support:

The QuickBooks Premiere support includes check printing, bill payments, expense tracking, and many other facilities. This form of support comes in different versions for different elements of the business-chain, viz. manufacturers, transporters, wholesale sellers, retailers, etc. The Premier support also lets the users in making payments to the customers, payroll creation, tax calculation, and sales tracking apart from those mentioned above. Using the same support, the users can create their business plan, forecast their business, or follow their inventory system as per requirement. It allows the QuickBooks software to import data from Microsoft Excel, which is one of the conventional tools for record-keeping of the businesses. The payment options that this support complies can be both a recurring one and one time one. The Premier support allows a maximum of five people to work on the same file in the QuickBooks platform.

QuickBooks Mac Tech support:

The QuickBooks Mac Tech support is for those users who own a Mac device. The Mac users can have lifetime access to QuickBooks support at just $ 299.99. The features of the QuickBooks Mac Tech Support include sales and income tracking, inventory tracking, bills, and expense tracking, online payments, customized charts for different accounts, and many more. The support team mainly assists its customers in the following areas-

  • Installation of QuickBooks in Mac
  • Data support
  • Detection of malware, spyware or virus
  • Help in transactions and enrollments
  • QuickBooks reforming
  • Network performances, etc.

QuickBooks Point of Sale support:

The Place where the negotiation occurs between a customer and a seller is known as the Point of Sale (POS). The QuickBooks Point of Sale helps in maintaining relationships with customers and keeps a record of them. This is very important for any business. The history of the POS lets the sellers know about the customer reactions to the products or the advertisements. Its analysis forms the backbone of the growth of a business. The POS system of QuickBooks helps in calculating the number of customers as well as updating the inventory and tracking of customer loyalty programs. This support from QuickBooks is increasingly becoming popular
among small businesses.

QuickBooks Desktop Support:

The desktop support system assists the user during any difficulty that may arise while using the software in their desktops. The service starts with the installation of the software on the desktop. Other forms of support features include-

  • Network performance
  • Difficulty in the opening of files or documents in the desktop
  • Printing issues
  • Malware, spyware or virus detection
  • Data re-imposing
  • Customization of the platform
  • Transactions and enrollments through the QuickBooks in desktops.
  • Migration of data from one account to another

QuickBooks Payroll Support features:

The salary that is given by a particular company to its employees at the end of every month is termed as the Payroll. The payroll generation is a very complicated task, especially if the number of employees is very high. But the QuickBooks Payroll support has turned this complicated task into a simple one with its exciting features. The payroll generation of each company demands different functions, and QuickBooks takes care of all of that. The employers, who use the payroll support of QuickBooks, can easily arrange their employees and pay the salary through the software. As an employer, you won’t even have to remember the payment day as the software itself will remind you about the same.

QuickBooks customer service support

The experts of the QuickBooks customer service can are available on this number: 1-833-468-8482. There are different features that this specific number hosts. Here are the following-

Smooth operation:

There are millions of users of the QuickBooks software. Even if a meager percentage of its customers seek the support of the customer service, then also it will come out to be a considerable number. And if such a massive amount of customers target the single support number at disposal, then it is expected to create a huge mess. But in reality, the QuickBooks customer support system has set up such a method that everything runs smoothly, and neither the customers nor the service providers feel annoyed during the calls.

Customized response:

The phone call takes an average of 4 minutes to connect the user to an actual human being. In that period, the automatic voice response greets the user and tries to solve the problem with its pre-installed methods. The voice can be availed in one’s local language too. The user has to use his keypad of the mobile to enter some preferences as per the glitch that he is having.

Efficient call distribution:

The QuickBooks customer support system is very useful in distributing the incoming calls to the right customer service executive. It helps in minimizing the time taken in each call to provide a suitable solution.

Categorization of the experts:

QuickBooks has divided their experts of the customer service according to their expertise, language, qualification, region, etc. When a user calls the customer service number, he is asked to provide the preferences according to his problem. It helps the system to connect the user to a suitable expert to attend the problem.

Call recording:

QuickBooks customer support also allows the recording of calls. They mainly have two purposes- training of the new executives and a piece of evidence in case of any dispute between a customer and the company.

Call tracking:

The Company has the call tracking option in their customer service system. The call tracking helps QuickBooks to keep a record of all the calls. In this way, the company does not miss any request that they need to attend. It is also helpful in tracking the performance of the support executives.

Smooth transfer of calls:

If the person who is assigned to attend your call through the system can’t solve your problem, then the easy call transfer feature comes in to play. It lets the support person transfer the call to someone else who can solve the issue. In the process, the user does not need to end his call.

These are the various support systems of QuickBooks and its features. The efficient support system of the company has put them as one of the leaders in the accounting software world.

24*7 for QuickBooks Technical Support Number

We are happy to help you

24*7 for QuickBooks Technical Support Number

We are happy to help you