The call management network installed by the company makes sure that it functions smoothly and makes the process of dealing with thousands of phone calls in a methodical and an even manner. It ensures that neither the customers nor the agents end up being frustrated.

Their interactive voice response allows you to stay connected 365 days 24*7. This is of utmost importance as this is the first voice heard by the customer upon calling. It is an instant process and operates through DTMF keypad tones that provide their customers with customized responses and greetings and also communicate in the local language of the caller. It acts as a virtual receptionist.

They also have the feature of automatic call distribution guarantees that the calls are mechanically routed to the correct agent thus minimizing the waiting time of the caller. This helps in handling their customers well. If the customer sets up a cloud-based call center solution, the caller can comfortably build the order or basis of routing consumer calls. Later they can change it depending on their requirements. The user can be routed in various ways like routing based on performance, location, least occupied, etc.

For further benefit of the user, the company has categorized the calling agents based on skills such as language, region, expertise, demographics and many. The interactive voice recognition feature communicates with the users to know their inquiry. Then, accordingly depending on the input provided by the caller, the IVR connects the call to the most chartered agent who attains the requirement of the caller. Intuit believes in resolving their customer’s issues quickly, raising their satisfaction.

Call recording

The Quickbooks company has also the feature of recording one’s call, both incoming and outgoing. It is important to watch over the quality of the call as it allows the caller to hear the company’s agents from afar. The call recordings help the company train their newly recruited agents and set a standard for the quality of the call for them to uphold. The recording also comes in handy if any dispute arises later to serve as a concrete proof for both the company’s customers and its agents.

Call tracking

The company’s call tracking feature keeps a track on all the business calls all day long. This allows the company to make sure that no call remains unattended. This also helps keep an eye on every single agent’s performance that pushes them to deliver their best ultimately keeping the customer satisfied.

Easy call transfer

The company also provides live call transfer that lets the agents convey the call to some other agent easily from their phones without hanging up on the call. This benefits the customer in a way when an agent fails to resolve their issue the call is automatically forwarded to some other department without getting disconnected saving further harassment, reducing waiting time and enhancing the customer’s experience.

Not just a few articulate agents, the company’s call center are comprised of efficient call center software to ensure a smooth experience for their customer in Quickbooks support and solutions. You can learn more about –Quickbooks technical support number here.

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