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Given below are the information on Quickbooks Checks and Tax forms accessible for QuickBooks online users.

Provided beneath is a list of supplies and forms that you can very easily use with QuickBooks. The forms mentioned are tailored and prints effortlessly from QuickBooks, cutting down on your time whilst giving that polished touch to your forms.

If you are in need to place an order, return, cancel, check the status of supplies you bought or discuss problems, you can visit their Intuit Market site or even ring them up at (866)570-3842, M-F, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm et.

  • ORDERS PLACED BY PHONE: You will have to provide your supplies or form you buy will be utilized with QuickBooks online to make sure the correct supply is dispatched.
  • RETURNING SUPPLIES/FORMS: In the majority of the case, credit or refund might be provided. The decision lies in the hand of the Intuit Market group. Once you have expressed to the company’s Intuit Market group and they have come to a conclusion, you might mail back the distributors to Intuit, Inc. 300 East Meridian Drive Milton, WA 98354

Quickbooks Checks and Tax forms:

  1. CHECKS:

QuickBooks solely prints on 3 part checks or pre-printed voucher and solely prints the date, amount and payee. You can visit their official website to see the steps on “how to print checks”.

You can place an order for basic voucher checks from the banking page directly.

  • Go to your dashboard, click on BANKING.
  • Select the arrow right next to UPDATE in the upper right position and then click on ORDER CHECKS. The site for Intuit will open to the “basic voucher checks” page.

Keep in mind that the employees who are using direct deposit will only print out as pay stubs, which can be taken out on a paper of 8.5” * 11” size.


QuickBooks online functions with window envelopes of size 10.

If you need more information on how to use envelopes go to the “help” located at the top right corner of your screen and type in the keyword “envelopes”.

To keep the printing preference turned on for window envelopes, follow the following steps:

  • Click on GEAR icon.
  • Under your company category, click on COMPANY SETTINGS or ACCOUNTS AND SETTINGS.
  • The left menu you see, click on SALES tab.
  • Under the customize section, click on CUSTOMISE LOOK AND FEEL.
  • In the action column, click on EDIT.
  • Under the design tab, click on EDIT PRINT SETTINGS.
  • Finally, click Done.

To turn on the printing preference for window envelopes:

  1. Select the Gear icon.
  2. Under Your Company, select Accounts, and Settings (or Company Settings).
  3. From the left menu, select the Sales tab.
  4. In the Customize section, select Customize look and feel.
  5. Under Action column, select Edit.
  6. In the Design tab, select Edit print settings.
  7. Put a checkmark on Fit printed form with pay stub in a window envelope.
  8. Select Done.



To print out your W-2 forms, you will see VIEW AND PRINT W2s. The IRS needs you to register a 1099-MISC form for each of the sellers to whom you pay.

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QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number

Getting your business funded with QuickBooks capital incurs no hidden charges, no-prepayment penalties, and no origination fees. Escalate on what you have created in QuickBooks and work with people you trust. QuickBooks recognizes your business and sees your flair, resulting in you getting credit for what you have in your books. If you apply correctly in QuickBooks you save your precious little minutes as it takes a few moments to apply.

If you have any general query regarding “QuickBooks capitals”, refer to the information provided below:

What is QuickBooks capital?

QuickBooks capital gives capital for small business clients of QuickBooks. They analyze your business’ credit and overall health of the business from the little details you provide them regarding your business and some other apt information. This allows QuickBooks to offer small businesses bigger access to capital than most other lenders.

How does it work?

QuickBooks review your banking transactions and business within themselves. When you appeal for a credit, they also analyze your business credit as well as personal credit reports. Considering all this information, they come up with a customized credit offer for you.

Why is QuickBooks capital important to regulate business funding?

QuickBooks review many factors to deduce your eligibility for business credit. This includes (though not limited to) current liabilities, your business and personal credit history, transactions happening in your bank accounts related to your business and your history of business with QuickBooks. Generally, they consider a FICO of 620 or higher than that, with revenue of at least 50,000 US Dollars in the previous year. Contenders must not have cases of bankruptcy in the past 2 years, be it personal or business. As every business is distinctive in its way, they can’t assure all the contenders meeting these criteria that they are eligible for the business credit or not. Each plea is considered discretely and they come to a settlement following their guidelines.

Are you eligible to apply for QuickBooks capital?

To meet their eligibility criteria for QuickBooks capitals, you must have the following:

  • A clear view of your business, which must include 6 months of activity in your QuickBooks account.
  • Business and personal credit history, with usually an individual FICO score of 620 or higher.
  • All your principal business bank accounts should be linked through QuickBooks capital.
  • You must have revenue of minimum 50,000 US Dollars over the last 12 months.

You will be glad to know that QuickBooks capital credits don’t demand business collateral. Instead, they base their credits on your overall business health and your pledge, which determines that you are accountable for repaying the credit even if your business fails to do so.

According to the “QuickBooks Capital 2018 Customer Survey”, 98 percent of the clients have agreed that QuickBooks capital has shown them the total worth of funding beforehand with zero surprises. About 96 percent of the clients has stated that they believe in QuickBooks when it comes to dealing with monetary information. Almost 99 percent of the clients have verified that was effortless to apply as QuickBooks already had their data.

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QuickBooks Payroll

If you want to make payment to your employees using QuickBooks, QuickBooks Payroll allows you to rapidly layout your employees and remunerate them using QuickBooks. You can write your pay-checks by hand, get them printed from QuickBooks or get the pay stubs printed instead if you choose to use direct deposit.

Payroll Services

QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the best payroll services online for small businesses. Their payroll is perfect for small businesses due to its variety and flexibility. All small businesses run in different ways, again when it comes down to the payroll system, there are a whole lot of different requirements and demands that the suppliers have to meet. Predominantly when it comes down to the company’s size or the budget, various options need to be out there. Intuit provides some distinct facility plans at diverse price points, thus small businesses running at any budget or any size get the chance to find plans meeting their needs.

Plan variations

There is a variation is the facility plans. Intuit’s payroll guide can have a scale ranging from its self-served plan working up to schemes where the firm fundamentally functions payroll for you. You also get to choose schemes where you manage remunerating your payroll taxes or Intuit them handle the payment and calculation of those tariffs. Different service offers different prices ranging from $29 at the lowest to a whopping $140 a month, with an additional $2 to $4 an employee.

QuickBooks Payroll has already become everyone’s favorite for small businesses, due to its unification with     QuickBooks. Several small business enterprises are already in use of QuickBooks because of their accounting software. Intuit enables you to merge its QuickBooks and payroll solutions into a single consistent program. The result you get is that both the software programs function in lockstep. Information is automatically conveyed back and forth between these two programs. This causes both keeping a track on your books and functioning a payroll to become a further simpler process. This can turn out to be an enormous benefit to the owners of the small businesses who are handling these jobs by themselves and can’t afford to hire an accountant and on-staff payroll specialist.

Other than its unification with QuickBooks, further reasons that fabricate QuickBooks Payroll into an outstanding alternative for small organizations is that it follows an uncomplicated procedure making it much easier to use. It also provides the employee with certain self-service options. It comes with a range of payroll records, and it provides a month free trial too. In this trial, you get a chance to review the facility for a couple of payroll range to make sure that it matches all your needs. You also get splendid customer support from Intuit.

Thus the main highlights of the QuickBooks Payroll service are:

  • It operates the payroll right under QuickBooks Online, thus your books are updated automatically.
  • Their all-day long Direct Deposit scheme allows you to present payroll for your entire team right until 5 pm (PT) just the day before payday.
  • Their mobile app allows you to make a payment from anywhere, anytime.

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With Quickbooks online support call, you can connect with an expert from QuickBooks regarding “QuickBooks Online” in the following ways:

You can call them up at 18334688482 and allow their expert to walk you through any issues you might be facing. They operate from 9:30 am to 6 pm (IST) on days between Mondays to Saturday.

You can mail them and expect a write back within 1 business day or even less as this facility is available 24*7.

You can drop in a text if you don’t feel like waiting on the phone call. That facility is also available to operate from 9:30 am to 6 pm (IST) on days between Mondays to Saturday.

We all know that business is always better when we have a pro advisor at our disposal. They give you an option to find yourself a pro advisor is various fields like:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tax and Financial planning
  • QuickBooks Setup and Consultation

You get an independent accounting master certified by QuickBooks who can provide you with strategic insights to run small businesses towards success. They will push your business to grab those numbers you always aimed for. They can help you turn out your business into the best of its capability.


The pro advisor you ask for can provide you with expert guidance as well as advice that will be customized keeping your business in mind.


Your pro advisor is always on their toes with new updates on accounting which means you can set back and relax.


With a pro advisor at your disposal, you can spend more time chasing your passion that burying yourself in your books.

Thus the online support from QuickBooks gives you data related to the general functioning of the program along with troubleshooting. This helps the customers to resolve their problems eliminating the customer service hassle, saving both time and effort.

On contacting the online support team of QuickBooks they will look into the matters related to something like:

  • If you are having trouble to get started, they will tell you about the free trial and even get trained for the initial start
  • If you are having trouble handling your account, a clear view on how to access your account, billing as well as a subscription through your account.
  • Issues related to GST
  • Issues related to banking, help you add a bank account and troubleshooting.
  • Issues regarding tax and reports, help you customize, GSTR-1, TDS, forms.
  • Any problem in transactions such as invoice, bills, and recurring transactions.
  • Additional QBO features including payroll, inventory, product, and services.

The QuickBooks online support call team also offers assistance in various other departments. Some of the important searches include the following questions:

  • How to import trial balances?
  • How to add up GSTIN for clients?
  • How to attach SAC and HSN codes to your products and services?
  • How to build up tax?
  • What is the meaning of GST-ready invoice?


quickbooks technical support number


You can contact QuickBooks technical support number for support in any technical issue. Their original support website is your best way to seek help, advice, and support regarding the usage of their product.

You can also look for more details on how to contact their support team. However, the contact details may differ depending on which of the QuickBooks Online product you are using, so it is advised that you check the support site in the beginning.


The Cancellations QuickBooks Online software comes with an uncomplicated guarantee. If you wish to cancel your subscription from inside QuickBooks Online, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • First, sign in to QuickBooks Online as usual.
  • Then click on your account located in the top right area of the window.
  • Next, click on “Cancel your subscription” located near the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Thereafter, keep following the instructions provided on the screen to cancel your subscription.

If you manage to cancel within your free trial period of 30 days, you will be charged nothing. If you belong from the category of “paying subscribers” still choose to cancel your subscription to QuickBooks Online service for whatever reason it may be, unfortunately, Intuit will not be able to provide you with any pro-rata refund for the remaining month that you have already paid beforehand. However, you will carry on with getting the service from QuickBooks Online for the rest of your month which you have already paid thereupon when the cancellation of the subscription is done effectual and when you will have no further access to their service.

In collaboration with getting Human, QuickBooks offers fast customer service with an average weight of 4 minutes (current record). You can connect with them at 800-926-3667 on weekdays (Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm and on Saturday 6 am to 3 pm (PST). However, the ideal time to call them is around 10:15 am.

You have to drop in a text describing your issue in brief and your query will be answered. General topics that are inquired are:

  • Account access
  • Make a payment
  • Cancel service
  • Technical support
  • Refund a charge
  • Others

The parent company of QuickBooks follows the dynamic path of giving full support to the companies and resolve their issues through the QuickBooks technical support number. The offers from QuickBooks don’t need much attention or intense practice to get your job done, as they are easy to handle. Nevertheless, in any case, if you face major or even a minor issue you can contact at QuickBooks Tech Support phone number to receive solutions and advice from the experts to overcome the current or forthcoming issue.

Customers might face the following issues which can be taken up to the tech support team for assistance:

  • Facing malfunction when you want to set up your QuickBooks software
  • Facing problems while configuring your emails on QuickBooks
  • The problems you face while transferring files
  • In case you forget your QuickBooks pin or password




TSheets by QuickBooks is solely the finest timesheets for QuickBooks online. Go ahead and use TSheets timesheets for quicker payrolls and further faultless invoicing in QuickBooks Online. It is your web-based, pliable, versatile and completely concentrated time tracking resolution for business insight, scheduling as well as costing for payroll job.


It gives you the means to determine where exactly are your employees tracking time, it can be done on a specific computer or even on your cellular device when you are on the move. It offers effortless time tracking facility where you track time of your employees’ clock in and clock out following customer, class or service time.


All the timesheets of the employees appear automatically within QuickBooks online to aid and cut down on your time that you usually take to run payroll at the pace of an average 3 hours.


Companies using Tsheets get to bill 11 percent more on the usual average, by imposing a charge for each minute worked on the job.


TSheets brings down payroll cost on average, by almost 6 percent with further precise employee timesheets.

Now you can keep an eye on all your clock employees along with their location data and what each of your employees is working on at that moment only on their “who’s working” window. You can even schedule your employees with the help of their “ultimate workforce planning” tool and inform your employees in real-time when their work period is changed or published. You can also keep a track on specific jobs with the help of their “project report” and make sure that your project is right on track. With the TSheets within QuickBooks online, the employee hours that has been tracked in Tsheets show up automatically in QuickBooks. There is no requirement for manual syncing. You can just click on the “Approved timesheets” tab within QuickBooks to view, control and agree to timesheets of the employees without even have to leave your QuickBooks dashboard. If you make any change in QuickBooks, it automatically gets synced with your Tsheets account, thus resulting in your time and date to be accurate all the time. Once you are done, you can either choose to run payroll or create an invoice in just a click, it is that uncomplicated!

Thus, TSheets eliminate laboring time entry with the help of the following:

  • Seamless integrations
  • Live business insights
  • Energetic time management of the employees
  • Mobile time tracking

You can get on with this, as Tsheets has a customer support team with a rating of 5 stars that will help you in every step of your way.

They even have an option for a free trial that will shave off hours on your payroll process, so that you can bill more and retain a ton of money in total payroll cost every year with the help of Tsheets.

TSheets offers automated timesheets for convenient accounting.

QUICKBOOKS: All you need to know

Quickbooks technical support

What exactly is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is online accounting software that is created to manage your financial matters in the business easily so that you can remain compliant with GST, without any inconvenience. It is assembled to make accounting uncomplicated for contemporary businesses. All of your data is saved on the cloud, thus you can make and dispatch invoices compliant with GST in a moment, compose GST returns in few easy steps, link up your bank transactions with your income and maintain your accounts keeping it up-to-date from any apparatus, anytime. You can also set self-regulating reminders for your payments and keep track of the invoices until they get reimbursed. Your data is protected 100 percent and you can permit users to numerous users, which includes your bookkeeper as well as your conflict. Now produce GST reports in JSON format and directly upload it to the GST portal to file your returns eliminating all the paperwork. It also provides a “bank connect feature” that links your bank transactions with your expenses as well as sales automatically thus allowing you to keep an eye on your cash. QuickBooks also comes in the form of a mobile application letting you access your accounts anywhere, anytime, even when you’re on the wing. You will be happy to know that all the upgrades with the app are free. For over three decades now, QuickBooks has been booming with over 3 million users from around the globe.

Cloud features

The app’s cloud allows numerous users, utilize the same file of the company in particular time-space. An accountant, CPA and business client can access the same file at the same time. You don’t have to worry about erratic and slow in-house servers when you shift to QuickBooks’s cloud services, the practical cloud hosting facility of the app is noticeably up, taken care by licensed IT professionals of this source of the facility. You get to work from anyplace, at any point of time since your range to your operating environments is almost as wide as the internet, the hosting facility of the app’s cloud takes the edge off of the total usage of your QuickBooks files in pooled mode from anyplace, any point of time.

Advantages of cloud

QuickBooks services hosted by cloud give fully operating desktop variations of QuickBooks software in a very safe pooled environment. Employees, business owners, accountants and all other users who have the requirement to access will be hired in the same files at the same time. Another good solution is the “hosted QuickBooks” for businesses that has the requirement of the real-time window from various locations with complete functionality that is provided by the desktop variation of QuickBooks only. You can forget about making “accountant’s copies” or dispatching files to and fro.

Remote access

QuickBooks hosting enables you to remotely and easily manage the task if your worker fell sick or leaves the company, resulting in your accounting in a current state.

The app’s cloud aids most of its add-ons which helps one to merge several business requirements which are specific to industry only, in the most economical way possible.